Skalná and its surroundings

The surroundings of Skalná with forests just a few minutes walk away, is loved by mushroom pickers and hikers. Places for swimming, including the new aquapark in Františkovy Lázně, are also found there.

Vildštej castle in Skalná

The castle was built by the Nothafts on a rock rising above Vonšovský creek in the picturesque valley of the town of Skalná in 12th century. The interesting cross vault on the ground floor of the castle as well as the Romance chapel with original cut stone staircase are still perfectly preserved. Since 2000, Vildštejn has been undergoing a thorough reconstruction.

Seeberg castle (Ostroh)

Built at the end of 12th century, Seeberg castle served as one of the military fortress. The first written note about it comes from 1322, claiming that Ludwig of Bavaria mortgaged the castle and the entire Cheb region to Jan of Luxembourg in return for a pledge of assistance in his aspiration for the imperial throne. The pledge remained unfulfilled and the castle fell under the property of the Czech Crown.

In another document of 1349, Karel IV claimed the castle belonging to Bohemia. In 1434, a rich townsman from the nearby town of Cheb became its owner. After the Šlik family, Kašpar Juncker bought the castle in 1461. After changing several owners, the castle was in custody of the town of Cheb.

The castle is open for public from the middle of March to the middle of November every year. Part of the exhibition are displays of ethnographic collection and 19th century town interior and furniture design.

Pilgrim Church Maria Loreto – Starý Hroznatov

The westernmost loreto chapel in Bohemia is found in Starý Hroznatov nearby the town of Cheb. Built by the Jesuit friary between 1664 and 1689, the building was damaged after the expatriation of the Germans in 1945.

The reconstruction of loreta in Starý Hroznatov was possible after the political changes in 1989, especially thanks to a kind financial help of Loreto-Verein, Waldsassen. Nowadays it is once again the place for catholic pilgrims of Bohemia and Germany.

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